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PTP Joint-Stock Company (PTP JSC) - a reliable manufacturer of handicraft in Vietnam.
We are proud of being a producer with many-year-experience in designing and producing traditional spun bamboo ware and Vietnamese lacquer ware. All of the products are made by hand and of natural materials.
In addition, it can not be excluded our main products: lacquer ware. Lacquer can be finished on many kinds of materials like bamboo, wood, ceramic or composite... without loosing natural beauty. Regarding lacquer ceramic with eggshell let alone, they are luxury, artistic high ranking products which require their own customers. Other products include lacquer with seashell, ceramic combined with rattan, indoor decorations such as lamps, candle holders, bamboo stand, mirror box, jewel case...

The name of PTP JSC is well-known nationally and internationally. You can see our products presenting in international trading centers, supermarkets in New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Amsterdam... We would like to meet all hobbies, all choices and even the most difficult requirements.

Besides, PTP Joint-Stock Company is a distributor of industrial equipments produced by famous manufacturers in Europe, the US such as Anton Paar (Austria), VLB, KHS Till (Germany)... for the market of Vietnam.

Our very friendly customers are organizations, enterprises, state-own businesses, and privates... Our main products include: laboratory analysis system, liquid density meters, infra-red spectrum ancolyzer..; industrial devices such as Aluminum Extrusion Press, Hydraulic system, cold chamber die casting, and other industrial valves, and pumps...; Informatics and electric technology such as digital camera, infra-red inspectors,..

A professional team of technicians who are always keep their best attention at all time to the products' state and situation, in order to assure customers of what they have chosen, and gain their confidence.

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